Katie Portman

Journalist. Copywriter. Blogger.


Justin Williams, creative director, D4:

“If you are considering hiring Katie then you’re about to miss your chance. She’ll be long gone by the time you’ve got in touch. Why? Well excellent copywriters get snapped up. Quick.

Probably by me.

As creative director of D4 I rely on top quality wordsmiths to help bring our ideas to life and Katie is one of my best writers. Always on time, clients love her, technically proficient and creatively inventive. She’s so sharp I’m not sure why I’m recommending her to you. Forget everything I’ve just said.”


Matthew Murray, iBelieve magazine, New Life Publishing:

“Katie initially started writing for our products on an occasional basis but we were that impressed, we have now given her a monthly contract.

Katie is friendly, likeable, efficient and most of all, good at what she does. Everything we’ve asked her to do, she’s done.

From writing about fashion, gift ideas or emotional and difficult personal stories, Katie’s work has always been of an excellent and professional standard. I’d highly recommend her.”


Gwyn Ap Harri, director, smartassess:

“We have been producing marketing copy internally for five years, and we felt we still hadn’t got it right. Katie came to us and showed us how you can say all you need to say without being technical, without explaining every single detail, and do this in an understandable, personable and lively way. She was like the breath of fresh air that blew us all away!

“We used her copywriting to launch a new product that to us was even more technical, more complex to explain. She made it simple and fun. The reaction to the launch has been amazingly successful, partly because the product is great, and partly because we can explain it in a couple of sentences to anyone. First impressions start with tight, punchy copy. That’s what Katie gives us.”


Neil Smith, managing director, Blacksmith Design Consultancy:

“Following a project for a client I was so impressed with Katie that I asked her to work on raising our own public profile. I am delighted with the results. She has an extremely professional manner and a very useful skill set including a grasp of online and social networking opportunities.”


Melanie Kanarek, regional director, Oxford Innovation:

“Katie is an enthusiastic and skilled marketing freelancer who has the flexibility and creativity to tackle pretty much anything you throw at her. I’m always impressed by her professionalism and energy.”


Gareth Scargill, centre manager, Barnsley Digital Media Centre:

“Whilst working with Katie I have been particularly taken by her professional attitude towards work and her ability to build relationships. Katie is proving to be a solid provider of top class PR and has a fantastic creative string to her bow that would benefit any organisation lucky enough to hire her.

“Enthusiastic, passionate and reliable she certainly is and I would recommend her to all.”